Life is Your Game….live your life as you choose.   Each day we wake up and most of us follow the same daily routine that we have followed since we moved away from our parents or graduated from college.  We wake up, meditate, get dressed for work, work 8 to 10 hours, get upset during rush hour traffic,  go home, cook, take a shower, pray again (the same prayer), fall asleep, and wake up again.  If this is your life and you find it exciting GREAT, I am excited with you!

However if this is your life and you are waiting for some excitement here are a few steps that you can take today:

1.   One of the greatest books of all time reads “Write it down and make it plain!” Whatever you want take 15 minutes out of your day preferably in the morning when your mind is clear and write down everything that you want to happen in YOUR day.  Or for technology lovers such as myself write in your Diary or Notebook App.

2.   Prepare for the career, clients, business that you want and expect to have.  “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” – Henry Hartman

3.  Find a reliable accountability partner that will keep you focused on Your Life’s Game.

4.  For 7 days make it a priority to actively connect and exchange contact with 2 strangers a day.  “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.”  – Mike Davidson –

Remember if it is Your Life’s Game you make your own rules.  What are the rules to your game?

© 2011, Breone Nicole


When I first created this monthly blog site Life is Your Game it was to inspire, motivate, and assist people with their current situations, struggles, and/or minor setbacks. Now I would like to also add a sense of reaching for the stars and turning all dreams into a reality.

The new monthly approach has a mixture of my passion for living combined with my love for people, traveling, and motivation. I hope the blogs’ pictures and videos encourage you to travel to the place of your dreams, live more for the sake of living, and begin to motivate people – just because.

Here is to a new approach to our life’s game (SMILE)!

Breone Nicole, © 2011

RISK! ™ An option for Your Life Game……

If you do not like your Life Game you can (1) start the game over and create new rules or (2) throw in the dice and play another game. Whatever option you decide, please do not give up! With college graduates not having a job/career upon graduation, seasoned professionals being laid off and family’s downsizing their lifestyles your life game can seem very difficult. I do not know what life game you are playing but I would like for you to look at the war board game RISK! ™.

Risk™ is a war board game that was published in 1959 and is owned by the Parker Brothers. Risk™ is not like other games. Most board games include a strategy to help you win the game. Risk™ on the other hand gives you a list of rules to follow and then ask each player to ‘play the board game more than once to come up with a strategy.’ The objective of Risk™ is “to occupy every territory on the board eliminating all other players, thus conquering the world.”

Are you READY for WAR? Are you equipped to move on to the NEXT level in your life? Have you mapped out your life’s goals (1 year, 3 year, and 5 year goals)? Do you know when it is time for you to “attack” and regain your life back? Do you have your “soldiers” or people who support you in your corner? If necessary are your “soldiers” ready to go to “battle” with you? With the negative downfall of the economy a lot of people are becoming more and more afraid to take what they know is theirs. A lot of people are going with the flow and are not becoming the person they know they can become. The board game Risk™ may be over 30 years old but the objective of the board game applies to the life we live in today. You have to gain the strength to fight back and take what is yours. I know that it might be hard to “attack” while things such as careers/jobs, homes, your pride and your dignity is being stripped away from you; but you have to find the strength to eliminate past and negative issues that have occurred or may occur.

The time to regain your life is now. In order for you to win in the board game Risk™ and in your Life’s Game you will have to come up with your own strategy to ‘conquer YOUR world!’ Because you are only granted one life and Risk™ wants you to play the game more than once, I have come up with a strategy that you can apply to your life. The first thing that you want to do in order to WIN according to Risk’s™ objective is to “occupy every territory.” In order for you to take control in your Life’s Game you have to realize what went missing, what should no longer be a part of your life, and what skill sets you have that can help you take over every area in your life. Once you find out these things you want to come up with a strategy that will help you get rid of some things and take control of other things. Second thing you want to do according to the Risk™ board game is “eliminate all other players.” In your Life’s Game you eliminate all other players by getting your mind right and your FOCUS clear. To get your mind right you have to mediate daily, read inspirational and motivational quotes and books, stay positive and get rid of negative people. You can get your FOCUS clear by setting goals and sticking to them, seeking out a great mentor, and being determined, persistent and consistent about your FOCUS. Lastly according to the board game Risk™ once you have “occupied every territory and eliminated all other players, you will then conquer the world.” In your Life’s Game I do not know if you want to “conquer the world” but I do know that you must conquer your world!

Soldiers the time for battle is NOW. The time to attack is NOW. The time to take ownership of what was and is yours is NOW. The time to live your dream is NOW. The time to go back to school is NOW. The time to leave your job and start up that new business venture is NOW. The time to exit that negative relationship is NOW. The time to live healthier is NOW. The time to retire is NOW. The time to write that book is NOW. The time to get that new vehicle is NOW. The time to mend that relationship is NOW. The time to forgive is NOW. The time to embrace is NOW. The time to love is NOW. The time to give is NOW. The time to enjoy life is NOW. Soldiers, remember, your Life’s Game has started and for some it is about to start, GO and CONQUER YOUR WORLD, RIGHT NOW!

Breone Nicole, 2010

SORRY! ™ An option for Your Life Game……

If you do not like your Life Game you can (1) start the game over and create new rules or (2) throw in the dice and play another game. Whatever option you decide, please do not give up! With young professionals being laid off and family’s downsizing their lifestyles your life game can seem very difficult. I do not know what life game you are playing but I would like for you to look at the strategic board game—SORRY! ™.

The objective of SORRY! ™ “is to be the first player to get all four of your pawns from your color START to your color HOME.” Like, the game SORRY! ™, in life, some people are racing to a certain mark. Everyone who is alive has ideas, dreams, thoughts, or aspirations to do something. But only a very few of us, are able to take those ideas, dreams, thoughts, and/or aspirations and act on them, execute them, and eventually complete them or like the Sorry!™ board game, bring all four “HOME.”

SORRY! ™, is a very fun and tactical game! In order for a player to move from one spot to the next on the SORRY! ™ board game, the player must select a card. The card, gives players instructions on how many steps he/she should move. While playing the game Sorry!™, I noticed that most players do not like the card that instructs them to “move backwards,” not realizing, in some cases, moving a few steps backwards can protect their pawns from starting the game all over again. In our game of life we are sent backwards. Most people feel that being sent backwards or setback is a bad thing. In fact, sometimes, life’s setbacks are there to set us up for success! Have you ever had to move back in with your parents for a few months in order for you to get some things together? Have you had to move from a 4 story home to an apartment? Were you ever demoted or fired from a job? I am sure, at the time of the setback, you could not see how the backwards move was really setting you up for the great things you were about to receive. Backward moves in life, can teach us some fundamental basics on handling what is going to happen in our future.

Remember, in your life’s game, it does not matter when you start working towards your “PAWNS” (ideas, dreams, thoughts, or aspirations) or which direction you take. The only thing that matters is that you continue to move intentionally; be it forward or backwards in order to get “HOME”. “HOME” is where your safety lies. “HOME” is where your success awaits. Never be afraid to move backwards; you might find, the pieces that you left behind were just the right pieces you need to make your life’s game, an ultimate SUCCESS!

Breone Nicole, 2010

Monopoly an option for Your Life Game……

If you do not like your Life Game you can (1) start the game over and create new rules or (2) throw in the dice and play another game. Whatever option you decide, please do not give up! With unemployment rates rising, new technology taking over, and bills piling up your life game can seem very difficult. I do not know what life game you are playing but I would like for you to look at the popular board game—Monopoly. Did you know that Monopoly was created by Mr. Charles Darrow in 1934? Darrow created the game for recreational purposes because he and many other Americans were unemployed.

The objective of Monopoly is to be the wealthiest player at the end of the game. Of course, in the game of Monopoly, wealth is determined upon the amount of property you acquire. However, in your life’s game, you determine your definition of wealth. Wealth can be monetary, material, intangible, tangible, emotional, spiritual, or whatever. In Monopoly, the player with the highest roll of the dice pass “GO (every players starting point),” and moves forward. In life we have invisible dice. People may not have the same starting point but we all have the same rights in making our life choices. In the game of Monopoly and the game of life, alike, despite the role of the dice we continue to play the game.

During the game of Monopoly there is a place that every player enjoys landing on and that space is “FREE PARKING” or what I like to call LIFE’S resting space. In our game of life, we are giving the opportunity during hard times, trials, and disappointments to have a resting space. A resting space is anything that you want it to be; it can be time, energy, money, love, etc. (remember this is your life’s game). Resting space is given throughout life when we least expect it. In the game of Monopoly, if we land on “FREE PARKING,” we are excited! Players understand that “FREE PARKING” is a safe zone from all property owners. “FREE PARKING” gives players time to calculate their next move. In life, a resting space usually gives us a second wind in our faith, our relationships, our business, and our social life to create winning moves.

Monopoly teaches us no matter where we start, everyone has a chance to “GO” or move forward. “FREE PARKING” allots us the valuable resting space to intentionally move to our next venture, navigate past our fears, and pace into our destiny and/or purpose. In the game of life, NEVER forget that the objective of your life’s game, is to end with you being the WEALTHIEST player in whatever game you desire.

Breone Nicole, 2010