Life is Your Game….live your life as you choose.   Each day we wake up and most of us follow the same daily routine that we have followed since we moved away from our parents or graduated from college.  We wake up, meditate, get dressed for work, work 8 to 10 hours, get upset during rush hour traffic,  go home, cook, take a shower, pray again (the same prayer), fall asleep, and wake up again.  If this is your life and you find it exciting GREAT, I am excited with you!

However if this is your life and you are waiting for some excitement here are a few steps that you can take today:

1.   One of the greatest books of all time reads “Write it down and make it plain!” Whatever you want take 15 minutes out of your day preferably in the morning when your mind is clear and write down everything that you want to happen in YOUR day.  Or for technology lovers such as myself write in your Diary or Notebook App.

2.   Prepare for the career, clients, business that you want and expect to have.  “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” – Henry Hartman

3.  Find a reliable accountability partner that will keep you focused on Your Life’s Game.

4.  For 7 days make it a priority to actively connect and exchange contact with 2 strangers a day.  “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.”  – Mike Davidson –

Remember if it is Your Life’s Game you make your own rules.  What are the rules to your game?

© 2011, Breone Nicole


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