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The Objective Of Monopoly & Your Life Game!

Monopoly an option for Your Life Game……

If you do not like your Life Game you can (1) start the game over and create new rules or (2) throw in the dice and play another game. Whatever option you decide, please do not give up! With unemployment rates rising, new technology taking over, and bills piling up your life game can seem very difficult. I do not know what life game you are playing but I would like for you to look at the popular board game—Monopoly. Did you know that Monopoly was created by Mr. Charles Darrow in 1934? Darrow created the game for recreational purposes because he and many other Americans were unemployed.

The objective of Monopoly is to be the wealthiest player at the end of the game. Of course, in the game of Monopoly, wealth is determined upon the amount of property you acquire. However, in your life’s game, you determine your definition of wealth. Wealth can be monetary, material, intangible, tangible, emotional, spiritual, or whatever. In Monopoly, the player with the highest roll of the dice pass “GO (every players starting point),” and moves forward. In life we have invisible dice. People may not have the same starting point but we all have the same rights in making our life choices. In the game of Monopoly and the game of life, alike, despite the role of the dice we continue to play the game.

During the game of Monopoly there is a place that every player enjoys landing on and that space is “FREE PARKING” or what I like to call LIFE’S resting space. In our game of life, we are giving the opportunity during hard times, trials, and disappointments to have a resting space. A resting space is anything that you want it to be; it can be time, energy, money, love, etc. (remember this is your life’s game). Resting space is given throughout life when we least expect it. In the game of Monopoly, if we land on “FREE PARKING,” we are excited! Players understand that “FREE PARKING” is a safe zone from all property owners. “FREE PARKING” gives players time to calculate their next move. In life, a resting space usually gives us a second wind in our faith, our relationships, our business, and our social life to create winning moves.

Monopoly teaches us no matter where we start, everyone has a chance to “GO” or move forward. “FREE PARKING” allots us the valuable resting space to intentionally move to our next venture, navigate past our fears, and pace into our destiny and/or purpose. In the game of life, NEVER forget that the objective of your life’s game, is to end with you being the WEALTHIEST player in whatever game you desire.

Breone Nicole, 2010