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SORRY! An Option For Your Life’s Game!!!

SORRY! ™ An option for Your Life Game……

If you do not like your Life Game you can (1) start the game over and create new rules or (2) throw in the dice and play another game. Whatever option you decide, please do not give up! With young professionals being laid off and family’s downsizing their lifestyles your life game can seem very difficult. I do not know what life game you are playing but I would like for you to look at the strategic board game—SORRY! ™.

The objective of SORRY! ™ “is to be the first player to get all four of your pawns from your color START to your color HOME.” Like, the game SORRY! ™, in life, some people are racing to a certain mark. Everyone who is alive has ideas, dreams, thoughts, or aspirations to do something. But only a very few of us, are able to take those ideas, dreams, thoughts, and/or aspirations and act on them, execute them, and eventually complete them or like the Sorry!™ board game, bring all four “HOME.”

SORRY! ™, is a very fun and tactical game! In order for a player to move from one spot to the next on the SORRY! ™ board game, the player must select a card. The card, gives players instructions on how many steps he/she should move. While playing the game Sorry!™, I noticed that most players do not like the card that instructs them to “move backwards,” not realizing, in some cases, moving a few steps backwards can protect their pawns from starting the game all over again. In our game of life we are sent backwards. Most people feel that being sent backwards or setback is a bad thing. In fact, sometimes, life’s setbacks are there to set us up for success! Have you ever had to move back in with your parents for a few months in order for you to get some things together? Have you had to move from a 4 story home to an apartment? Were you ever demoted or fired from a job? I am sure, at the time of the setback, you could not see how the backwards move was really setting you up for the great things you were about to receive. Backward moves in life, can teach us some fundamental basics on handling what is going to happen in our future.

Remember, in your life’s game, it does not matter when you start working towards your “PAWNS” (ideas, dreams, thoughts, or aspirations) or which direction you take. The only thing that matters is that you continue to move intentionally; be it forward or backwards in order to get “HOME”. “HOME” is where your safety lies. “HOME” is where your success awaits. Never be afraid to move backwards; you might find, the pieces that you left behind were just the right pieces you need to make your life’s game, an ultimate SUCCESS!

Breone Nicole, 2010